Craig Leibfreid


Dyanmic Empricism, Second Edition
Inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson's Nature and Immanuel Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, Craig Leibfreid approaches faith, spirituality, and metaphysics from the opposite end of the spectrum than his inspirations in his spiritual philosophy book Dynamic Empiricism.  Kant and Emerson were prominent philosophers of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries respectively and presented evidence of a higher power through existentialism, rationalism, and idealism.  In Dynamic Empiricism, author Craig Leibfreid provides insightful evidence of a higher power through empirical intelligibility or knowledge gained through experience. Principles of physics, chemistry, biology, and geology are used to support his argument. All of these compose a dynamic world that has the ability to connect and bring us closer to the Creator. Variations of identity within the self, object, and environment are observed with respect to spatial and temporal variety and dynamics. "Customs form in discrete locales about how we treat each other and how we treat the world around us. They are generated directly or indirectly by the environment in which we live. This is where the existence of spirit as a conscious energy becomes most evident."  Though this work is deep, it is not too technical or elaborate for lighthearted readers to absorb and understand. The arguments within Dynamic Empiricism will help build your personal relationship with God and identify His Spirit working in your life.
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River Class: A True Story of the Reckless American Youth

Sometimes the things most worth doing can cost us our lives.  Craig Leibfreid finds this out first hand in the adventure-memoir RIVER CLASS: A TRUE STORY OF THE RECKLESS AMERICAN YOUTH.  Whether at the hands of the river, or by psychedelic drugs, Craig goes through life wide-eyed and white-knuckled searching for that someone who can tame him.  After graduating high school, Craig begins experimenting with psychedelic drugs, and around that time he falls in love with long-time friend, Natalie.  They take a vacation to Great Britain.  After their return, Craig and Natalie part ways as they attend separate colleges, and Craig begins searching for the next high.  After some traveling, and experimenting with psychedelic drugs, Craig experiences the sport of whitewater kayaking and is hooked for life.  After a near death experience on the river, Craig becomes president of the Whitewater Paddling Club of West Virginia University.  There he meets Katie Jones, a black haired beauty from West Virginia, and takes Craig for a ride that almost costs him his life.
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River Class:  The Way Down

RIVER CLASS: A TRUE STORY OF THE RECKLESS AMERICAN YOUTH didn’t tell the full story of Craig’s ride.  RIVER CLASS: THE WAY DOWN picks up where the first book left off.  Life was too much for Craig to handle when he wrote the final chapter of RIVER CLASS.  It was paraphrased and left out many truths of life as a person faces adversity.  Mental illness and social trauma sent Craig spiraling into psychosis, and THE WAY DOWN tells the story of Craig’S ride to rock bottom, and how he rose back to success and happiness.  After the Katie Jones relationship ended, one last year in Morgantown was spent on the edge of reality.  It began with a psychedelic day at Wonder Falls, a psychedelic day on the Upper Gauley River, and fasting for days during winter archery season before Craig went to work editing and publishing his memoirs of kayaking and college life.  Laboring over his pride literary work would ultimately take him to his darkest days.  It dragged him into weeks locked up in a mental hospital, and months in mental rehab.  It was there where he finally was able to find himself, and resolve his spirituality.  He got away from drugs long enough to resolve all the problems in life that he had been hiding from.  Craig overcomes his demons.  After finding truth in the spiritual journey life has taken him on, he finds success and happiness.  This is the epilogue, the rest of the story about THE WAY DOWN.

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The Seventh Floor

At what parallax of reality do we consider a man to be insane?  James was at the youthful age of 18 when his father sent him to work in a butcher shop in Montana.  A few weeks before clocking-in, James went on a Vision Quest.  It filled his heart with hope and direction, but would not be enough to sustain the young man as he worked 70 hour weeks, covered in blood, with a knife in his hand.  After 5 years, the work environment gave James Post Traumatic Stress Disordered.  He returned home to the mountains of western Pennsylvania only to be committed to the mental ward of Good Samaritan Hospital, the Seventh Floor.  There, he was under the close watch of a bored, power hungry psychiatrist named Dr. Chode.  Just how would James overcome the obstacles he faced on the Seventh Floor?
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Midnight Sun

​“Midnight Sun” is a travel book about Norway.  It is a written account of a trip the author made to see a friend during the summer solstice in 2016.  Nature and Norwegian society combine to make an engagingl tale of adventure and friendship as Craig Leibfreid makes the most of his week long journey in the beautiful Scandinavian country.  Concepts and conversations about women, family, adventure, and spirituality shared and contemplated.  Craig critiques this foreign world he is living in, and embraces the newness, fully, as he relates it to the life he already knows.  Food, beer, and futbol are often objects of conversation.  But, Einar and Craig often dive into things much deeper, and with the local insight and humor of Einar the two share many insightful ideas during this spectacular week of travel.  All of which is written in the pages of “Midnight Sun.”​​​​​​​​
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And I Ate The Bar

The Dive was where James went to loath the Western Pennsylvanian community he felt trapped within.  It was a community he felt as though he was above.  James didn’t feel love.  James never felt much of anything.  That is, until one strange night in The Dive.  He was a self-absorbed man, but if he was ever confronted about it, James would fail to see the merit of the accusation.  Still, fate would have its way with James.  The familiarity of The Dive transformed into a hallucinatory wonderland of mild euphoria once that strange lager rolled down James’ gullet for the first time.  Consciousness was ripped from body.  Yinzers, and the spirit of the bar, and the spirit of the community were laid before James as he attempted to reunite the physical and mental aspects of his being.  Would he find value in these people?  And would he find any real value in himself?  The night would decide.


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