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Dynamic Empricism, Second Edition
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Welcome to, a website showcasing author Craig Leibfreid (Johnstown, PA, USA).  Craig is a non-fiction writer with his prize work being the River Class series.  River Class: A Ture Story of the Reckless American Youth is a tragic tale of how traumatic experiences can lead to social detachment and heartbreak.  The story is filled with glorious and fateful tales from the wilds of the Appalachian and Adirondack mountains.  River Class: The Way Down tells the rest of Craig's story as he overcomes mental illness and finds success and happiness by resolving the disasters that fate had dealt him.  Cultural aspects of the Millennial Generation shine through both pieces from music festivals, university life, traveling, whitewater kayaking, and clinical mental health treatment.  Though “River Class” is his prize work, please explore other titles, and the personal bio of Craig.